KSLA offers diverse educational training opportunities for all disciplines, including during our annual conference. We provide training for Resident Service Directors, Food Service Personnel, Marketing, Activity Directors, Human Resources, Personal Care Home Personnel, Emergency Preparedness and Survey Preparedness. The KSLA Education Action Team relies on constant feedback from members and leaders to offer pertinent and timely topics. In addition, we work closely with state agencies and other organizations to address information that they feel is relevant to KSLA members.

Weekly E-Blasts

KSLA’s weekly e-Blast News is published every Monday with up-to-date information concerning the Kentucky legislature, upcoming workshops and conferences, and other information that is pertinent to the assisted living industry.

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May 4, 2018

KSLA’S “PROVIDING CHOICE” Consumer Publication

Assisted Living communities are required, under KRS 194A.715, to make available to any interested person, a consumer publication approved by the Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living (DAIL), which contains a copy of KRS 194A.700 to 194A.729, as well as any other relevant administrative regulations and statutes. KSLA has revised Providing Choice to include all of the changes made to the regulations in 2016.

Providing Choice is an excellent publication to share with prospective assisted living clients, church groups, civic organizations, senior citizen groups, elected leader, etc.  The questions & answers, checklist, important contacts and actual text of state requirements will help readers make informed decisions about assisted living communities in Kentucky.

To order Providing Choice, download the Providing Choice Order Form and return it to KSLA, with your check or credit card payment.