2019 Award Nominations

We are very pleased to present your KSLA 2019 Awards Nomination Packet. This year, there are eight award categories!

By design, the criteria for each award are easy to understand and the nominations are easier than ever to submit! Nominations are open to all KSLA members. Judging is conducted by outside organizations, such as advocacy groups, business associations, and leadership consortiums.

Award recipients will be recognized at the KSLA 2019 Awards Luncheon on May 16, 2019 at The Brown Hotel, Louisville, KY, as well as on the KSLA website and in eBlast articles.

There are two ways to submit your nominees:

By downloading the Awards Nomination Packet, completing the appropriate nomination form and sending it to KSLA with the supporting documentation. You may mail it to us at Kentucky Senior Living Association, 133 Evergreen Road, Suite 212, Louisville, KY 40243. Or you may fax it to us at 502.805.0589. Or you may e-mail it to KSLA@KentuckySeniorLiving.org.


Click on the appropriate Award Nomination Form below to complete and submit your award nomination electronically. The criteria for each award appear at the top of each form and you can even upload supporting documentation with your electronic submission. It's that easy!

The award categories are as follows:

The deadline for submission of all award nominations is Monday, March 25, 2019. 

Thank you for your interest and participation!

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