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You're Invited to Participate in a University of Kentucky Study re: Supportive Care Programs for Persons with Dementia

Alaine Reschke-Hernandez, Assistant Professor of Music Therapy at the University of Kentucky, is seeking care facilities in Kentucky that provide care to persons with dementia for a qualitative research study. Alaine and her team want to improve understanding of complementary and supportive care programs (i.e., non-pharmacological), such as music therapy and rec therapy. They would like to understand clinically meaningful outcomes of these programs for persons with dementia, from the perspective of care staff. They would like your help connecting with care staff at your facility. If you agree to help, they will provide you with an advertisement to distribute to your care staff. Care staff can then volunteer by contacting Alaine’s research team. If you agree to help, a member of Alaine’s team would need to do one site observation to better understand your care environment.


If interested, please contact Alaine’s research team at or 859-257-4536. They will partner with a total of 6 rural and urban for-profit and non-profit care facilities in Kentucky.


Before engaging in this research, you must complete a letter of agreement, which you can review at


To learn more about Alaine, visit

Friendsgiving Pie Giveaway at The Grand – November 22

Friendsgiving Pie Giveaway at The Grand - November 22

Stop by The Grand Senior Living to pick up dessert on them! Choose from pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie or cheesecake!. RSVPs required by November 17. Call 502-269-2678 to reserve your dessert.

Announcing 2022 KSLA Award Winners!

We're pleased to share the following names and photos of KSLA Award winners, announced at the 2022 Conference in April.

Outstanding Newcomer Award Winner: Ted Smith-Matthews, Vitality Living St. Matthews

Ted Smith-Matthews, Vitality Living St. Matthews, Kentucky Senior Living Association, KSLA
Ted Smith-Matthews, Vitality Living, St. Matthews

Outstanding Community Staff Member Award Winner: Jamie Crabtree, Magnolia Springs Lexington

Jamie Crabtree, Magnolia Springs Lexington, Kentucky Senior Living Association, KSLA
Jamie Crabtree, Magnolia Springs Lexington

Outstanding Caregiver Award Winner: Deborah Murphy, Masonic Home Shelbyville

Deborah Murphy, Masonic Home Shelbyville, Kentucky Senior Living Association, KSLA
Deborah Murphy, Masonic Home Shelbyville

Outstanding Innovator Award Winner: Jim Britt, Charter Senior Living, Bowling Green

Jim Britt, Charter Senior Living Bowling Green, Kentucky Senior Living Association, KSLA
Jim Britt, Charter Senior Living Bowling Green

Resident Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Lois Kiser, Magnolia Springs Lexington

Lois Kiser, Magnolia Springs Lexington, Kentucky Senior Living Association, KSLA
Lois Kiser, Magnolia Springs Lexington

Excellence in Civic Involvement Award Winner: Magnolia Springs

Michael Berg, Joe Guy, Magnolia Springs, Magnolia Springs Florence, Kentucky Senior Living Association, KSLA
Pictured are Michael Berg, Director of Operations Management, Magnolia Springs; Joe Guy, Executive Director, Magnolia Springs Florence; Bob White (Retired), KSLA Executive Director; and Jim Britt, KSLA Vice-President

Leadership Award Winner: Joe Guy, Magnolia Springs Florence

Joe Guy, Magnolia Springs Florence, Kentucky Senior Living Association, KSLA
Joe Guy, Magnolia Springs Florence

Special Award ... The Dynamic Duo Award Winners: Vermissa Graves & Sharlita Jones, Vitality Living, St. Matthews

Vermissa & Sharlita, Vitality Living St. Matthews, Kentucky Senior Living Association, KSLA
Vermissa & Sharlita are Pictured with Bob White (Retired), KSLA Executive Director; Jim Britt, KSLA Vice-President; Mark Witt, Executive Director, & Angela Witchard, Wellness Director, Vitality Living St. Matthews

Special Award ... The Excellence in Government Relations Award Winner: Mark Lee, Paragon Development Consultants

Mark Lee, Paragon Development Consultants, Kentucky Senior Living Association, KSLA
Mark is Pictured with Bob White (Retired), KSLA Executive Director; and Jim Britt, KSLA Vice-President

KSLA would like to thank everyone who participated in the award nomination process, those who participated in the Awards ceremony at the Conference, and all our nominees and winners!

We'd also like to thank HPSI & Vitality Senior Living for sponsoring our Awards luncheon We appreciate your support!

Once again, we had an incredible group of nominees (28 in total) and every one of them is a winner in our book!

To see the photo scroll and/or the Awards Ceremony PPT, Click Here and scroll down to "Awards Ceremony."

Thanks so much for the many ways you serve seniors in Kentucky!

You're Invited to Serve on a KSLA Committee

One of the benefits of KSLA membership is the opportunity to serve on committees that pertain to the senior living industry. There are several committees to choose from and a brief description of each is below.


Finance Committee (Maximum of Five Committee Members)

The Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice and oversight of the KSLA budget. Their sole responsibility is to ensure the Association is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to the membership. This committee typically meets quarterly, either in person or virtually and is chaired by the KSLA Treasurer.


Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

The Public Policy and Advocacy Committee’s purpose is to advise and make recommendations to the KSLA Board of Directors on public policy goals and advocacy actions, as well as helping keep the Board of Directors informed of legislative and regulatory developments.


Education and Conference Committee

The Education and Conference Committee assists the KSLA staff in determining the topic preferences and number of free-standing workshops to be conducted during each calendar year. Committee members also assist in determining the keynote speaker and breakout session topics and presenters for the annual conference. During the annual conference, members of the Education and Conference Committee act as facilitators of the breakout sessions and assist with conference general sessions. This committee typically meets 2-3 times per year, either in person or virtually, and has some small responsibilities during the annual Conference.


Nominating Committee (Maximum of Three Committee Members)

The Nominating Committee shall work with the KSLA staff to prepare a slate of Provider member nominees for election to the KSLA Board of Directors. Each member of the nominating committee shall be a Provider member representative not related by ownership or management to any other member of the Nominating Committee. The slate of candidates shall be disseminated by mail, facsimile or other electronic means to Provider members not less than 15 days before the annual membership meeting. This committee will oversee the voting process during the annual Conference, will tally the votes, and announce those elected to the Board of Directors. This committee works with the KSLA staff in the weeks prior to the annual Conference, typically via electronic communications, and has responsibilities during the membership meeting at the annual Conference.


KALPAC Committee

The KALPAC Committee shall oversee fundraising events to keep the KALPAC funds replenished. Committee members shall help in determining which elected legislators should receive funds from KALPAC. Each Committee member shall demonstrate interest in government affairs and the political process and an ability to act in a bipartisan manner. This committee works with the KSLA staff virtually to coordinate disbursements to legislators and is responsible for fundraising efforts, which are minimal, at the annual Conference.


If you're interested in serving on one of these committees, please let us know by clicking Here and completing a short form. If you have questions, please contact Rebecca Pfalzgraf at

Materials from the April 27 KDPH COVID-19 Public Health & Healthcare Situation Update

Materials from the April 27 KDPH COVID-19 Public Health & Healthcare Situation Update

The slide deck from the recent KDPH COVID-19 Public Health & Healthcare Situation Update can be found Here. To watch the webinar, Click Here.

Just register your name and email address and you will be able to view the recording.


For your convenience, here are the starting play times for each section if you want to view particular parts:

0:00 Welcome and agenda

2:55 COVID-19 Situation update

11:33 Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Updates:

14:33 COVID-19 Vaccination Progress in Kentucky

15:47 COVID-19 Variants Update

23:20 COVID-19 Reinfection

29:11 Breakthrough Infection After Vaccination

37:53 Whole Genome Sequencing

40:50 Additional Updates (Interpretation of Serology Results, Disease Reporting, Hepatitis A Outbreak, Ebola)

48:07 Drug Overdose Death Rates

53:58 Question and Answer Period

1:20:03 Webinar Recording Ends


The next Kentucky COVID-19 Healthcare and Public Health Update Webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, June 8, 2021, from 11:30 – 12:30 (1:00 for Q&A). Please put a placeholder on your calendar for that date/time.

SB5 Has Gone Into Law!

Senate Bill 5 (SB5), in a nutshell, would provide liability protection from damages resulting from COVID-19 infection, illness and loss of life for our communities. Although Governor Beshear did not sign the bill, we're pleased to announce that Senate Bill 5 has gone into law! Thank you to all who sent letters to the governor and his staff. This is a huge win for senior living in Kentucky!!

Virtual Dementia Tour – March 24

Virtual Dementia Tour - March 24

You're invited to join Wesley Manor for a virtual dementia tour on Tuesday, March 24. Open yourself to experiencing the world around you in a completely different way and gain a clear perspective into the daily lives of those with dementia. The Tour enables participants to gain a greater understanding of dementia and shift their thinking from fear to action. This experience is not intended for those who have dementia, but for those who care for them.

Reservations by March 23 are required. Call or email Linda Pike at Wesley Manor,, 502.969.3277.

KSLA Day in Frankfort Re-Cap

KSLA and members of our Association had an educational and productive day in Frankfort on Wednesday, March 5.


We began our day with Kelley Abell from The Rotunda Group, and Representative Deanna Frazier. Rep. Frazier has served as the Co-Chair of the Alzheimer's and Dementia Workforce Assessment Task Force.


We were excited to have the opportunity to meet newly appointed Commissioner Victoria Elridge from DAIL. And later, we were joined by the new Kentucky Inspector General, Adam Mather. We look forward to working with both of these agency leaders in the future.


All of the leaders who addressed our group stressed how important it is for KSLA and its membership to build trust and relationships with legislators. Several of our Provider members had great meetings with their Senators and Representatives and shared information with them about the senior living industry in Kentucky. These meetings and relationships will prove valuable should a future need arise where we must enlist their support in passing legislature related to senior living in Kentucky.


We were pleased to have Hannah Bruenderman, Director of Business Development at PCA Pharmacy, join us for our day in Frankfort (pictured here with Bob White (Retired), KSLA Executive Director and Gil Shew, Executive Director of McCready Manor). We look forward to spending some more time with Hannah and other representatives from PCA Pharmacy at our upcoming Conference, where PCA is one of four premier sponsors!


Thank you to ALL the members who joined us for KSLA Day in Frankfort. We appreciate your time and efforts to forge meaningful relationships with our legislators for the betterment of senior living in Kentucky!

Helping Staff Cope During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a range of emotions, among them fear and anxiety. While everyone responds differently to stressful situations, there are steps you can take to help your staff cope during this difficult time. Click Here to read a short eBook, provided by PharMerica (one of KSLA's Associate members and a premier sponsor) to learn how you can help your employees take care of themselves in the midst of the outbreak.

If you found this resource helpful, Click Here for a library of other resources developed by PharMerica for the senior living industry

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