Donate to KALPAC to Support KSLA Advocacy Efforts

Donate to KALPAC to Support KSLA Advocacy Efforts

Donate to KALPAC to Support KSLA Advocacy Efforts

One of the benefits of KSLA membership is advocacy support. KSLA works with legislators to develop public policy to continually improve the senior living industry in the Commonwealth. Part of that work includes making contributions to support elected officials (both Republicans and Democrats) who understand the senior living industry, and who are positioned to support policies that enhance the lives of seniors. These contributions come from the Kentucky Assisted Living Political Action Committee (KALPAC), which is entirely funded by voluntary contributions from individuals throughout the Kentucky senior living industry.


The senior living industry has never been more crucial to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of Kentucky’s seniors than in this past year. COVID-19 has had far-reaching consequences for senior living communities, their residents and staff, and the vendors who provide goods and services to them. KSLA’s role in educating legislators, advocating for its members, and shaping public policy is critical, but KALPAC funds are running low.


Contributions from corporations are prohibited and that’s why we’re asking KSLA members to get involved individually. Your contribution to KALPAC is more vital than ever and no amount is too small. Every dollar helps ensure that priorities critical to our industry are addressed in the Kentucky legislature. *Contributions to KALPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal or state income tax purposes.


You can make a contribution to KALPAC with a personal check or credit card by completing this form and mailing it, with your contribution, to KALPAC, 133 Evergreen Road, Suite 212, Louisville, KY 40243. Or, you may Click Here to make your credit card payment via our website.


We thank you for your contribution and your commitment to Kentucky senior adults!

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