Fingerprinting Has Resumed for New KARES Applications

Fingerprinting Has Resumed for New KARES Applications

(From Carrie Anglin, DAIL)


For those providers that use KARES, I have received information form the KARES helpdesk that fingerprinting has resumed for new KARES applications. For applications submitted in 2020, they will have a process to catch those up in March. When KARES has procedures in place to catch up the 2020 applicants you will get an email. This is only for current providers that are enrolled in KARES.


KARES has entered into a contract with a 3rd party vendor, Identogo, to provide fingerprinting services. When a new application is submitted, KARES will send the applicant data to Identogo. Identogo will then email the applicant with instructions on how to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted. The Live Scan Fingerprinting Form is no longer needed. Providers should see no difference in the process, except that the applicant email address is now a required field.


For applications that have been submitted to KARES prior to this change. Emails will be sent out in February for them to schedule appointments.


Click Here to access the KARES website.

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