From CHFS Regarding Vaccinations

From CHFS Regarding Vaccinations

From CHFS Regarding Vaccinations

The federal partnership with Walgreen’s and CVS is underway. Like anything with so many moving parts and urgency, the logistics and coordination efforts have been constantly evolving.


Providers can expect to hear from their paired Rx Partner about schedules about 10-14 days in advance of the clinic date, but should remain on alert for shorter notice if the next few waves of vaccine delivery allow for acceleration.


Based on the experiences of the first two weeks, preparations that can prove particularly beneficial include:

  • Completed Consent & Vaccine Administration Record (VAR) Forms – required for anyone to receive vaccination
  • Availability – staggering vaccinations among staff would be more ideal, but the urgency of administering the first of two doses – and the second about 3 weeks later – takes that option off of the table
  • Staff Participation – residents have participated, thus far, at very high levels; staff members need to more closely mirror this in order to optimally benefit from the vaccination effort.
  • Have Accurate Numbers of Staff and Residents to Receive the Vaccine at the first vaccination clinic.


Please consider sharing this story about Louisville geriatrician and LTCF medical director, Dr. Muhammed Babar with staff and residents.

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