Interest Survey: Vaccine Clinics & Health Fairs

KSLA has been working with the Kentucky Department for Public Health to gauge interest in hosting vaccination clinics at our provider communities. The main purpose is to give staff and their families easy access to COVID-19 vaccines in order to promote good health. Staff and their family members, upon receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine, will receive a gift card. Pharmacy partners (whether on-site at the community or brought in by the KDPH) will administer the vaccines and bill the insurance companies.


And, as a bonus, the KDPH will partner with community stakeholders in your area to put on a health fair. Examples of those stakeholders could be those who offer education on strokes and other types of aging-related illnesses, and others who have services to offer like health screenings, other vaccines (shingles, flu, pneumonia, tetanus) etc. The fair would not only be for your staff and their families, but your residents and their families too. If your residents chose to receive any vaccinations at the health fair, Medicare Part D will pay for those.


The KDPH would like to collaborate with communities to make these vaccine clinics and/or health fairs an educational and fun day for staff, residents and their families. You choose how much to do and when to do it! If you only want to offer vaccination clinics, that's ok. If you want to make a day of it and host a health fair, that's good too. In terms of cost, you can spend as little or as much as you want. For instance, one community's plan is to host a health fair for staff, residents and their families, serve bean soup, and have a bluegrass band playing - all outdoors. The community partners will set up their own booths. You can really structure it however you want.


Please take just a few minutes to complete the survey below and let us know what your level of interest is - we appreciate your time!


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