KSLA Website Nearing “Go Live” Date and We Need Your Input!

KSLA Website Nearing "Go Live" Date and We Need Your Input!

Provider and Associate members, KSLA's new website is almost ready to go live! We're adding the finishing touches and need your input. We have a page exclusively dedicated to consumers and we'd love to promote your events and opportunities there (in addition to promoting many of them in weekly eNews).

  • Do you have an event that's open to the public you'd like us to promote?
  • How about our Associate members? We'll promote your events too!
  • Does your community host a regularly recurring support group meeting?
  • What about training opportunities? Webinars?
  • How about a job opening?

Each KSLA website posting will include a link to YOUR company website (and to your event page too, if you so desire). We'll add or update these postings to our website every week.

Send your submissions to Rebecca@KentuckySeniorLiving.org.


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