Providing Choice

A Consumer's Publication for Selecting an Assisted Living Community in Kentucky

Your Kentucky Senior Living Association (KSLA) is pleased to provide you with this order form for the Providing Choice consumer publication! Assisted living communities are required under KRS 194A.715 to make available to any interested person a consumer publication approved by the Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living (DAIL).  One of the many benefits of KSLA membership is that your price to purchase Providing Choice is the same as the association’s actual cost to print, package and ship it.


Providing Choice is an excellent publication to share with prospective assisted living clients, church groups, civic organizations, senior citizen groups, elected leader, etc.  The questions & answers, checklist, important contacts and actual text of state requirements will help readers make informed decisions about assisted living communities in Kentucky. Providing Choice can also be distributed as a self-mailer!


Providing Choice publications are sold in sets of 50. We are happy to invoice KSLA members for the number of publications ordered, plus the cost of packaging & shipping. All you need to do is complete the order form below.


Providing Choice publications are temporarily unavailable pending the writing of regulations pertaining to the recently signed into law SB-11. Once those regulations are written, KSLA will update the Providing Choice publications and make them available to our members once again. We appreciate your patience. 



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