SB-61 Alzheimer’s & Dementia Training – Here’s Where We Are

SB-61 Alzheimer's & Dementia Training - Here's Where We Are

We've received several questions over the past week about the Alzheimer's & Dementia training requirements set forth in SB-61. Here are some clarifications:

  1. All current staff who provide care to individuals who exhibit symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or other dementias must have completed six hours of training no later than last Thursday, July 14, 2022.
  2. As of July 14, 2022, new hires must complete six hours of training within their first 60 days of employment AND prior to providing care to residents who exhibit symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or other dementias.
  3. After the initial six hours of training, the requirement is three hours of Alzheimer's or dementia-specific training each year thereafter.
  4. The Office of Dementia Services will approve all training plans. The contact person for this is Jennifer Craig, and she can be reached at Facilities should submit their training plans to Jennifer.
  5. While awaiting approval from Jennifer, facilities are free to use current Alzheimer's and dementia training programs for direct care staff.


Click on the links below to see:


DAIL's 2nd REVISED Dementia Curriculum Review Implementation ALC Memo


Application for Dementia Curriculum Review


Pre-approved dementia training list 5.16.2022


If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca at or 502.938.5102 or Jennifer Craig, Office of Dementia Services (@DAIL) at

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