KSLA is Seeking Education Session Presenters for 2019 Conference & Exhibition

KSLA is seeking education session presenters for our 2019 Conference & Exhibition on May 15-16, 2019, and we want to know who your rock stars are. Who are your top performers? Who has developed sustainable best practices? Who are your strongest leaders?

  • Maybe you have an HR professional who has a great success rate at recruiting and retaining quality staff. What methods are they using?
  • Or, a sales and marketing professional whose efforts have led to increased occupancy rates. What's the secret?
  • How about a person who has a great track record in giving quality care to residents with dementia? Are there new techniques? Could they share¬†advanced level¬†knowledge for employees who care for those with dementia?
  • Who are those leaders in your organization who inspire people to perform at unimaginable levels? How do they do it?
  • Who are your team builders? What strategies do they employ?
  • Do you have someone who is especially gifted at "coaching" employees? How do they handle the really tough conversations?

If you would like to nominate someone from your community/company (or yourself) to lead an education session at our conference on May 15-16, 2019, please complete and submit the web form below no later than October 31, 2018.

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