Stand with Seniors and Take Action Now!

Stand with Seniors and Take Action Now!

Stand with Seniors and Take Action Now!

Argentum has officially launched its provider relief and workforce development campaign and they’re requesting immediate participation from KSLA (and our members) in the following very simple ways.


First: Read this letter to President Biden, sent by James Balda, President and CEO of Argentum. The letter stresses the dire need for the following in senior living communities:


  • financial relief through Phase 4 of the PRF and a longer-term sustainability fund,
  • long-term care investments in workforce development to meet the demand for staff who care for our aging population, and
  • direct resources to combat COVID-19 such as booster/third dose vaccinations and tests.


Next: Urge your staff, residents, and their families to visit and send a letter to President Biden and members of Congress. On that page, there are two blue buttons. Click on these buttons to access a very easy tool that can be used to send a pre-written message (which can also be customized but doesn’t have to be) to President Biden and members of Congress. Using the pre-written messages, it takes less than a minute - all you have to do is input your address. This really is a super-fast and simple way to be heard on issues related to the COVID-19 impact on your business, your staff, your residents, and their families.


And finally, KSLA ordered yard signs and banners for those members who requested them last week. Once we receive them, we'll hand-deliver them to nearby counties and ship the rest.


This important campaign will only be successful with the participation of all our members, as well as members of associations all around the country.


We truly appreciate your support!

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