Your Feedback Is Needed!

Your Feedback Is Needed!

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services has asked Kentucky Senior Living Association (KSLA) to help coordinate the vaccine distribution in our member communities. The morning of January 7th, KSLA had a video conference with Secretary Friedlander, Inspector General Adam Mather, Keith Knapp, DAIL Commissioner Victoria Elridge, and representatives from Walgreens and CVS.


One of the items discussed is that the Governor has asked that we attempt to find out how the clinics are working, thus far, in our communities. As such, KSLA is conducting a survey to gauge the number of communities that have already been contacted by a pharmacy, how many have had their first clinic, and the percentage of residents and staff that have agreed to take the vaccine.


Your feedback is important! Please Click Here to take the survey. It should take less than two minutes to complete.


We thank you for your prompt response!

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