Your Help is Needed!

Your Help is Needed!

For the past two years, KSLA has been working to draft a bill that, if passed, would update Kentucky’s assisted living social model to align more closely with the vast majority of states. In addition, this bill would allow AL communities to deliver basic health services in an environment that encourages meaningful aging in place for residents. Those ALCs who wish to remain a social-only model may do so. This bill has been endorsed by the other two senior living associations in Kentucky, namely KAHCF/KCAL and LeadingAge Kentucky.


We’re pleased to report that this bill is ready to be pre-filed by Senator Dr. Ralph Alvarado and presented before the interim joint committee of Health, Welfare & Family Services on Wednesday, October 20th. However, we need your help! To give this bill the best possible chance for passage, we ask that you contact the senators and representatives on the interim joint committee of Health, Welfare and Family Services (if you’re in their district or you know them personally) to educate them on its content and necessity, and ask them to support the bill.


We’ve provided talking points for you to use in making these contacts, as well as an executive summary, and a final draft of the bill itself. These calls and emails should occur anytime between now and October 19th. Please forward the summary and final draft of the bill to your Senators and Representatives on the interim joint Health, Welfare & Family Services Committee. To get contact information for these Committee members, click on the following links:



We’re aware that all our Provider members are working long hours due to the current labor shortage. However, contacting our legislators to give them an advance briefing on the bill is extremely important so that they’re aware of its purpose and importance when it’s presented on October 20th. By providing these documents for you to use, we hope that the process for making these calls and sending emails to Kentucky legislators will take only a minimal amount of time.


Thank you for time and effort in gaining support from Kentucky lawmakers on this important piece of legislature.

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