You’re Invited to Serve on a KSLA Committee

You’re Invited to Serve on a KSLA Committee

You're Invited to Serve on a KSLA Committee

One of the benefits of KSLA membership is the opportunity to serve on committees that pertain to the senior living industry. There are several committees to choose from and a brief description of each is below.

Finance Committee (Maximum of Five Committee Members)

The Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice and oversight of the KSLA budget. Their sole responsibility is to ensure the Association is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to the membership. This committee typically meets quarterly, either in person or virtually and is chaired by the KSLA Treasurer.

Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

The Public Policy and Advocacy Committee’s purpose is to advise and make recommendations to the KSLA Board of Directors on public policy goals and advocacy actions, as well as helping keep the Board of Directors informed of legislative and regulatory developments.

Education and Conference Committee

The Education and Conference Committee assists the KSLA staff in determining the topic preferences and number of free-standing workshops to be conducted during each calendar year. Committee members also assist in determining the keynote speaker and breakout session topics and presenters for the annual conference. During the annual conference, members of the Education and Conference Committee act as facilitators of the breakout sessions and assist with conference general sessions. This committee typically meets 2-3 times per year, either in person or virtually, and has some small responsibilities during the annual Conference.

Nominating Committee (Maximum of Three Committee Members)

The Nominating Committee shall work with the KSLA staff to prepare a slate of Provider member nominees for election to the KSLA Board of Directors. Each member of the nominating committee shall be a Provider member representative not related by ownership or management to any other member of the Nominating Committee. The slate of candidates shall be disseminated by mail, facsimile or other electronic means to Provider members not less than 15 days before the annual membership meeting. This committee will oversee the voting process during the annual Conference, will tally the votes, and announce those elected to the Board of Directors. This committee works with the KSLA staff in the weeks prior to the annual Conference, typically via electronic communications, and has responsibilities during the membership meeting at the annual Conference.

KALPAC Committee

The KALPAC Committee shall oversee fundraising events to keep the KALPAC funds replenished. Committee members shall help in determining which elected legislators should receive funds from KALPAC. Each Committee member shall demonstrate interest in government affairs and the political process and an ability to act in a bipartisan manner. This committee works with the KSLA staff virtually to coordinate disbursements to legislators and is responsible for fundraising efforts, which are minimal, at the annual Conference.


If you're interested in serving on one of these committees, please let us know by clicking Here and completing a short form. If you have questions, please contact Rebecca Pfalzgraf at

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