Assisted Living Communities are for senior adults who primarily need socialization. Assisted Living Communities are social models. Residents may have medical issues but can manage mostly by themselves. Assisted Living Communities do provide assistance with the activities of daily living and with self-administration of medications.

Assisted Living Communities are certified by the Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living (DAIL). The following web links will connect you to some of the current laws and regulations governing Assisted Living Communities in Kentucky.

Kentucky Revised Statutes Regarding Assisted Living Communities

Click Here to see 910 KAR 1:240, the Kentucky Administrative Regulation regarding certification of Assisted Living communities.

Kentucky Revised Statutes Regarding Certification of Assisted Living Communities

Click Here and scroll down to "Assisted Living Communities" to see KRS 194A.700 to 194A.729 which detail requirements and process for certification of Assisted Living Communities.

Kentucky Revised Statutes - Resident Rights and Related Information

Long term care residents in Kentucky, including those living in Assisted Living communities, are guaranteed specific rights under state law. Click Here and scroll down to “Long-Term Care Facilities” to see KRS 216.510-595, the Kentucky Revised Statutes pertaining to long-term care facilities, which includes Assisted Living communities.

Kentucky Revised Statutes - Reporting and Recordkeeping of Adult Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation

Assisted Living Communities in Kentucky are required to report and maintain records on any alleged or actual cases of abuse, neglect or exploitation of an adult. Click Here to see Kentucky Administrative Regulation pertaining to Reports of adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation -- Cabinet actions -- Status and disposition reports.

Kentucky Revised Statutes - Requirements for Claiming to Provide Special Care for Persons With Alzheimer's

Kentucky law requires full disclosure of certain information by Assisted Living Communities in Kentucky that claim to provide special care for persons with a medical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or other related disorders. Click Here to see the appropriate page in the Kentucky Revised Statutes for this issue.

Kentucky Occupational Safety & Health (OSH)

Assisted Living Communities are required to comply with a number of Kentucky Occupational Safety & Health requirements related to an exposure control plan for bloodborne pathogens, first aid, hazardous communication plan and emergency action plan. Click Here to go to the Kentucky Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) page of Kentucky's Department of Labor website.

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