KALPAC is a non-partisan fund which supports KSLA's grassroots advocacy efforts in Frankfort.



The purpose of the Kentucky Assisted Living Political Action Committee (KALPAC) is to support KSLA's grassroots advocacy efforts related to the betterment of senior living throughout the Commonwealth. Contributions to KALPAC are used to build relationships and support candidates for state office and elected officials in Frankfort. These individuals understand the senior living industry, are positioned to support policies that enhance the lives of seniors, and make decisions that impact our ability to serve our residents and their families every day.


KALPAC is entirely funded by voluntary contributions from individuals throughout the Kentucky senior living industry. It is governed by a Steering Committee that works closely with the KSLA Board of Directors. The Steering Committee promotes KALPAC and its mission, and approves all campaign contributions.


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Contributions from corporations are prohibited. Instead, we ask those interested in the priorities critical to our industry get involved individually. Your contribution to KALPAC is more vital than ever and no amount is too small. Simply complete the form below to make your contribution. *Contributions to KALPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal or state income tax purposes.





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