Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Checklist for Choosing an Assisted Living Community in Kentucky

This checklist will help you choose an assisted living community in Kentucky. A checklist item that addresses a requirement under Kentucky law or regulation is followed by an asterisk (*). However, because every assisted living community is unique, please make several visits at various times of the day, and request additional information of your choice that will allow you to make an informed decision.

Assisted Living Community Certification

The assisted living community has filed for, or received, certification by the Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living, and that information is available for review*


Services Offered by the Assisted Living Community

Assistance with activities of daily living, which include bathing, dressing, grooming, transferring, toileting and eating*
Assistance with instrumental activities of daily living, which include housekeeping, shopping, laundry, chores, transportation and clerical assistance*
Three meals and snacks made available each day*
Scheduled daily social activities that address the general preferences of clients*
Assistance with self-administration of medication*


The employees treat clients, visitors and other employees in a friendly and respectful manner
Clients socialize with each other and appear happy
Visitors are welcome in the assisted living community

Community Features

This is a convenient location
The grounds and decor are attractive
Individual living units (i.e., apartments) are at least 200 square feet (exemption allowed)*
Each living unit has a bathtub or shower (exemption allowed)*
Each living unit has a lockable door*
Each living unit has a window to the outdoors*
Each living unit has a telephone jack*
There are provisions for emergency response in each living unit (i.e., pull cord, alarm, pendant, etc.)*
Each living unit has an individual thermostat control if the assisted living community has more than 20 living units*
Access is provided to a laundry facility*
Central dining is available*
There is a common living room area*
Doorways, hallways and living units provide the space needed by clients who use walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, etc.
Elevators are available if the assisted living community has more than one story*
Each living unit has a kitchenette with a refrigerator, sink and microwave oven
There is good natural and artificial lighting
Clients can bring their own furniture and furnishings
It is possible to share a living unit with a spouse or another individual under mutual agreement*

Lease Agreement
The lease agreement is a contract between the client and the assisted living community. It must be made available to the client for review before signing, and must be printed in no smaller than twelve (12) point type.

Client information must include:

An assessment of the client’s ability to perform activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living*
Emergency contact person’s name*
Name of responsible party or legal guardian, if applicable*
Attending physician’s name*
Information on personal and social preferences*
Advance directive, if client desires*
Other information that would help meet the client’s needs*

Other information required:

Policy regarding termination of the lease agreement*
Terms of occupancy*
General services and fee structure*
Information about specific services provided, description of the living unit and fees*
Provisions for modifying client services and fees*
Minimum thirty (30) day notice for a change in the community’s fee structure*
Minimum thirty (30) day move-out notice for nonpayment*
Assistance for client to find appropriate living arrangements prior to actual move-out date*
Refund and cancellation policies*
Description of any special programming, staffing or training*
Other community rights, policies, practices and procedures*
Written policies about a client contracting or arranging to receive additional services from an outside agency or individual*
Grievance policies related to complaints*

Employee Qualifications and Requirements

The assisted living community has a designated manager with management or administrative ability*
There is sufficient staffing to meet the twenty-four (24) hour needs of clients*
Criminal records checks are conducted on employee applicants*
The assisted living community ensures that no employees are listed on Kentucky ‘s nurse aide abuse registry
Staff and management receive orientation and in-service education*
No employee who has an active communicable disease is permitted to work*

Food Services

Three meals and snacks are made available each day*
Special foods may be requested
The meal schedule and menus are posted
Clients are permitted to dine in their living units

Social, Recreational & Spiritual Activities

There is an activities program that addresses the general preferences of clients*
Activities are posted in advance
Volunteers and families are encouraged to participate in activities
Clients have access to religious activities