Kentucky Senior Living Association Welcomes Walkway Restoration Inc./Grind-All

The Kentucky Senior Living Association welcomes Walkway Restoration Inc./Grind-AllWalkway Restoration Inc./Grind-All To Our Membership!

Walkway Restoration Inc./Grind-All offers affordable and permanent solutions to problems such as raised concrete, raised curbs and pitted concrete with an 80% savings over conventional methods.

At the heart of their service is an excellent reputation for repairing and restoring concrete to a permanently safe and lasting condition. In addition, all of their services adhere to rigorous American Disabilities Act (ADA)/504 standards, so your property will be protected from disastrous trip-and-fall legal liability claims.

To learn more, visit their website: or contact John Ventresco, National Account Manager, or 844.925.5929

Welcome Walkway Restoration Inc./Grind-All!

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