KSLA Advocacy Day in Frankfort – Wednesday, January 31, 2024

KSLA Advocacy Day in Frankfort - Wednesday, January 31, 2024

You're invited to join us for KSLA's Advocacy Day in Frankfort! This is your opportunity to meet with key lawmakers on matters of importance to the senior living industry.


It's important to meet with legislators because we need them to be aware of situations where we may ask for their support - situations like the DHBC occupancy use code issue that we've been discussing with KSLA providers. This is a significant issue that will affect residents of assisted living communities that were built to "residential" occupancy use code, and who intend to license as an ALC-BH or ALC-DC. KSLA will provide a one-page talking points document for you to use when meeting with your legislators.


Plan to arrive at the Capitol Annex, room 125 at 8:30 a.m. And, allow extra time to get into the building - the lines can be quite lengthy. Have your ID ready.


We've invited Inspector General David Lovely to speak to our group to kick off our day. We may also invite a lawmaker or two to address our group - I'll keep you posted as plans progress.


Don't know who your lawmakers are? Go to Find My Legislator to find out! Simply type your community's address in the search bar, then scroll down and click on the blue location tag. Scroll back up and your State Representative and Senator names and photos will be listed there. Click on "View Bio Page" to read a little about them, the committees they're on, and how to contact their office to schedule a brief meeting with them for January 31.


For directions to the Capitol Annex, click Here. For a map of public entrances and parking, click Here.

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