New DAIL Directive Regarding COVID-19 Reporting

New DAIL Directive Regarding COVID-19 Reporting

New DAIL Directive Regarding COVID-19 Reporting

On April 27, 2020 Buddy Hoskinson from DAIL sent out the following new guidance related to two survey reporting systems for COVID-19:


The Department for Aging and Independent Living, along with the Office of the Inspector general and the Department for Public Health, now has two survey reporting systems for COVID19. We can capture all of the information in two sources. Starting Tuesday, April 28, 2020 all Assisted Living facilities will be required to use this method to report COVID19 related information.

The first reporting system is Survey Monkey. This survey will capture any NEW positives (residents and/or staff) and should be completed DAILY:

Survey Monkey Reporting Survey (By 6:00 p.m. DAILY)

  • This survey is to report DAILY NEW cases of COVID in Residents and Staff and to report NEW COVID related deaths in Residents and Staff. 
  • For example: If you get two positive labs for residents on Sunday you would report those on Sunday’s report and then on Monday if you didn’t get any new cases you would report zeros on all of the reporting fields.
  • This survey should be completed daily, 7 days a week until you are told by KDPH to discontinue using it.

The second reporting system is Recap.This is to be completed monthly. This survey will capture the total testing numbers and should be completed MONTHLY: 

Redcap Survey

  • This survey should be done the 1st of every month (so this Friday)
  • This survey is used to report your TOTAL number of COVID tests done on Residents and Staff in March and April 2020.
  • The Number of Positive Results is your TOTAL for April (for both Residents and Staff)
  • The Governor’s office is trying to capture the total number of Residents and Staff at LTCF and other facilities (like AL and PC) that have been tested for COVID. These numbers will also help us figure out the percentages of KY residents in these facilities that are positive and that have been tested.
  • When you complete the survey again on June 1st, you should only put your total number of tests for May 2020. We are just doing March and April together because so many people were unsure how to complete it.
  • This survey should be done monthly until you are told to stop using it.

Our staff are here to provide technical assistance when we call so do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help you. We will be verifying that you are submitting your reports so please make sure daily reports are completed.


Buddy Hoskinson, Director

Quality Assurance and Improvement

Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Department for Aging and Independent Living

275 East Main Street, 3E-E

Frankfort, Kentucky 40621

502-564-6930 Ext. 3531

859-948-9516 Work Cell

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